Creating beautiful 360 degree virtual tours using Google Street View Technology

Invite your customers to "see inside"

Google Street View virtual tours.

Fully trained by Google to their highest standard enables us to create beautiful images of your business and deliver the very best quality virtual tour experience for your customers. 

If you would like a Google Street View virtual tour. Just contact us via email or telephone and we will be happy to talk you through the process.

• Google Street View Virtual tours invite your customers and visitors to "see inside" your premises directly from search engines. 
• Your business will stand out in the list of search results by having the additional "see inside" tab and generate confidence in your business.
• Your business listing and search result will be updated across the Google network.
• A Google Virtual Tour of your premises will integrated with
Google Street View, Google My Business, Google Maps, Google Plus & Google Search results.
• Tours can be easily embedded in your own website and social media pages without additional costs.
• Your tour can be viewed on various devices including mobile, tablet and desktop.

• Tour prices start from as little as £150.
• A one off fee with no ongoing costs.
• Discounts are available for multiple locations.


Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Google Street View tour?
Google Street View trusted virtual tours are an extension of Google Street view. Using Street view technology, a Google Maps Street View trusted virtual tour helps new and potential customers to ‘see inside’ your premises. A Google Street View trusted virtual tour is linked from Google Search, Google Maps, Google Plus, Google my Business & Google Street View.
How much will it cost?
The cost of getting your Google Street Vew trusted virtual tour taken depends upon the size of your business and how many panoramic images need to be taken. So why not call us or send an email for a FREE no obligation quote. 
How long will it take?
The amount of time a Google Street View trusted photo shoot takes varies depending upon the size of the business, and can be anything from one hour to several hours. Some of the factors that can affect how long a shoot takes include, how many panoramic images need to be taken, the time of day (during open hours and how busy you are) and the complexities of the shoot.
Do I own the images from a Google Street View trusted virtual tour?
This will depending on the Photographers Service Agreement with AK Photography, you may own all rights to the images or be licenced to use them  as per the Service Agreement.
Can I use a Google Street View trusted tour on my own website or social media page?
Google has created a simple embed code which will allow you to embed your  Google Street View trusted virtual tour within your website or social media including Twitter, Facebook and Google +. Your Google Business Photos can also be used for other marketing purposes.
How long before the tour shows on searches?
Once we return to our offices your images are checked for quality control and if they meet the Google standards are then uploaded. Your Google Street View trusted virtual tour is then stitched together and placed in the correct location on Google Maps. The tour may then if all is well, get published onto the Google platform. Before publishing you may be sent a preview link of your tour to check. We will always do our best to get your Google Street View virtual tour live as quickly as possible so you can start sharing your business.
What if my shop changes?
A Google Street View virtual tours offer your new and potential customers the opportunity to ' see inside' your premises prior to a visit using their phone, tablet or computer and all Google Street View tours are date stamped. It is not intended that the virtual tour showcases particular stock (although it can); the tours are designed to shows the quality of the premises, the ambience, and a range of products that you were selling at the time of the shoot. 
Some businesses choose to periodically update their tours through the year, some when they are decorated seasonally, or have holiday related stock. 
The low cost of a Google Street View tour enables businesses to shoot several times through the year and can help demonstrate the different stock you have available at different times. Tours can be changed and reused if you have more than one.